About Us

We understand the need to deliver high speed,reliable and affordable internet,
to areas that the NBN just cant adequately service.

Once upon a time, were in the same basket as you,
and we decided to build our own network.
Now it’s time to share it with you!


Roca Networks is a small group of IT Managers in the Geelong region.
We come from a vast array of industries ranging from: Telecommunications, Transport and logistics, Government Departments and Mining.

The internet has gone from a luxury to an essential service, we all need to communicate, and even the most basic of users will use it every day.
From paying bills, accessing healthcare, low latency gaming and Netflix binges alike, we need it now, and we need it fast!
RoCa Networks was built from a group of people who were tired of waiting for the NBN to arrive at their place, They were Kilometres from the exchange, or stuck on ADSL1 RIM’s, and Other ISP’s were not interested in adding capacity or a solution.
In some locations 3/4G services were also out of the question due to geographical issues, or the material the house was built with.
In some cases when the NBN did arrive, it simply was not comparable to the network they had been using over the previous years.


If you want to know more please contact us on our Contact Us page.